We Accept All
Our Church firmly believes in a church with open doors and open arms. We believe the church exists to help people learn to love God and likewise, to learn to love and accept others regardless of their choices or where they are on their faith journey. We believe that God’s Grace takes root in our hearts and grows in our lives through out involvement in several key ways.


We believe that worship is the engine that drives the christian life, as well as the church. Worship grows out of the deepest longings in our hearts; to be connected to that which is beyond ourselves, the God who is the creator, sustainer and redeemer of all life. we believe that a disciple of Jesus is one who sees his or her own life as being about glorifying God.

Personal Practices

We believe that disciples are those who willingly choose to “discipline” their lives in a particular way. This includes our investment in the study of the bible, reflecting on how the bible would lead us to pursue what jesus described as “life to the full,” as well as our devotion to a consistent connection to God through prayer.


We believe the story of faith is built on the foundation of a God who loves and a God who gives. Therefore, we see generosity as the primary mark of Jesus. This includes the sharing of our resources for the sake of serving the world. Disciples of Jesus are those who intentionally pursue opportunities to sacrifice for the sake of blessing others. We believe God has called us to be a blessing to our city, our region and our entire world.
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Want to Learn More?

If you’re interested in more information about our beliefs and values, there are several opportunities we would offer to you.
  • First, read more about the foundational beliefs of United Methodism.
  • Second, read The United Methodist Handbook which provides information on United Methodist teachings, church structure and organization, denominational initiatives, what it means to be a worldwide church, connectional giving information, a glossary of United Methodist terms and more.
  • Finally, you may contact any of our pastors to schedule a visit or ask any questions you might have.