We know you were wondering… “How can I consistently give to Genesis when I’m going to be out of town?” That’s a common question, actually, and the answer is quite simple. There are at least four easy ways you can partner with Genesis UMC in giving even when you are out of town.



1) Online Giving via Vanco Services Online Payment Services (a link is available right here.)


2) Text to Give is a new secure way to give. Simply text any $ amount to 817-697-2824. You’ll then receive a link where you can register a debit or credit card; from then on, giving is as convenient as a simple text. For more information, click here.


3) Utilize your banking institution’s Bill Pay Service, which will allow you to establish an “automatic draft” on a recurring basis. Your bank will then send an “automatic draft” directly to Genesis’ Business Mail Box at 7635 S Hulen St. / Fort Worth, Texas 76133.


4) Snail Mail your check to Genesis’ Business Address at 7635 S Hulen St. / Fort Worth, Texas 76133.

These are methods that many of the constituents that call Genesis UMC “home” find very convenient and helpful.





Some F.A.Q.’s


Q: What is online giving?

A: Our online giving service is a convenient way for you to make a contribution to the church. If you are unable to get to the church, forgot your offering, or simply like the convenience of paying online, this service is for you. Genesis recently transitioned to Vanco as our online method of giving. With Vanco, members and visitors alike are able to track their yearly giving via email.


Q: What is Bill Pay?

A: Your banking institution’s Bill Pay Service will allow you to do your banking quickly and securely. You can authorize your bank to prepare a check on a recurring (automated) basis that will be mailed directly to Genesis (Mailing Address: 7635 S Hulen St. / Fort Worth, Texas 76133.). A growing number of GUMC family members find that this method helps them to remain consistent and faithful in their giving regardless of their schedule.


Q: Is online giving secure?

A: Yes! Again, Genesis uses Vanco for online transactions and Vanco uses encryption technology that will keep your information safe.


Q. Is GUMC’s Text to Give system secure?

A: Absolutely! again, Genesis uses Vanco E-Payments for our text to give donations. E-Payments is associated with Vanco and both use encryption technology that will keep all of your information safe and secure.


Q: How can I keep a record of the amount I have contributed?

A: All online, Text to Give, Bill Pay, Mail-In and/or weekend contributions are recorded by Genesis. Through Vanco, registered ministry partners can track their giving throughout the year. GUMC also provides an annual giving statement and report for your tax records for all gifts received.


Q: Is there any charge to me from my bank to give online or via Bill Pay?

A: No. Most banks do not charge to use the Bill Pay Service their institution provides. Vanco does charge a small service fee to Genesis, but this fee is not charged to you.


Q: Are there any other ways I can give?

A: You bet! You can give any time you are in town and gather for worship. An opportunity to honor God with His tithe and our offering is offered at some point during every worship experience. Guests are never asked to give anything. But if you call Genesis UMC “home,” we always invite you to give joyfully.



Any Additional Questions? If you have any additional questions regarding online giving at anytime please e-mail our Financial Administrator here or contact the church office at 817.292.4551. See Genesis’ Online Giving link here.