Weekday Christian Preschool Testimonials

It is such a blessing to know that my child is being loved on and taught in a Christ-Centered environment. We have had our daughter at Genesis for 3 years and have enrolled our second to start in the Fall. We are excited at the growth we have seen in our daughter through the teaching, activities, and friendships gained at WCP. As a former preschool teacher, I am confident in the curriculum taught and the compassion given by the teachers and staff at Genesis. Thank you for being such a positive part of our daughter’s life.
-Abby Boerger
Genesis Weekday Christian Preschool has been a part of our family for over six years. Our eldest daughter attended Genesis back in 2003. At that time, I recall our strong desire to locate the perfect school for our daughter. This was her first exposure to any type of school experience and we knew finding the right environment was very important. Locating Genesis was an absolute blessing! The school made an immediate and lasting impression. Our daughter grew so much and learned more than we imagined that first year. When she started her private school education the following year she was very prepared. Currently our second daughter is enrolled at WCP. We have been so pleased to discover the school is just as wonderful today as it was five years ago. Our daughter has had an amazing year. She looks forward to going to school every day. Genesis Weekday Christian Preschool goes over and beyond to make each child in. Feel as if they are a part of a huge family. The directors of the school greet the children and parents each morning. The teachers are an absolute joy. They nurture and encourage all the children to be the very best they can be. I highly recommend WCP to all. It is the perfect stepping-stone for all children who are preparing for public, private, or at home education.
-Claire and Jason Whiddon
I cannot begin to describe how pleased my husband and I are to have had our children attend this preschool for the past …4 years. The curriculum is challenging yet greatly creative and interactive. The staff facilitate a family atmosphere focusing on good social skills and interaction between students. WCP has a variety of enrichment activities: Chapel, Music, Spanish, Stretch and Grow, Story Lady, etc. This program has also provided learning opportunities in understanding the outside world, by allowing children to meet and experience lessons from firefighters, hygienists, and photographer’s. Throughout the years, I have created a portfolio of my children’s outstanding, age appropriate, artwork and projects and have been privileged to attend their performances. My 2 year old is beginning to count to 10 in Spanish and my 5 year old has blossomed under their tutelage and is now ready to attend Kindergarten in the fall. I could go on and on, but the most valuable piece of information I can give is that both my kids love Weekday Christian Preschool at Genesis and are happy, loved and safe there. Thank you to the directors, the teachers and the church for providing such a wonderful learning opportunity for my sweet kids!
-Bonnie Huling
Our family has had a wonderful experience at weekday Christian preschool! The staff is friendly and helpful, and the teachers are phenomenal. Each teacher has gone above and beyond to get to know my child, their interests, and special needs or concerns. I appreciate the wide spectrum of subjects they are exposed to, including music in Spanish classes, as well as the variety of teaching methods used. I have seen tremendous growth from both boys in the year that they have been at WCP. They are happier and more confident in themselves. Most importantly, our children love going to school and have found a love for learning. What a wonderful foundation to build on!
-Caitlin Thompson
We have had two sons and two daughters at 10 Genesis weekday Christian preschool. Our youngest is currently in the three-year-old class. We have watched each of them Fleurish among new found friends, and thrives in the great spectrum of preschool activities. It is been an excellent Prepatory step for our children. They’ve been better prepared for the expectations and structure of an elementary classroom because of their time at WCP. The teachers have had a perfect balance of being kind and encouraging, yet firm. The music, Spanish, and stretch and grow programs are highlights as well. Our older children love to reconnect with their former teachers at WCP concerts and open houses. They have such sweet memories of their time at WCP. We are so glad we had friends who recommended us to WCP. 
-Lisa Dansie